My First Personal Training Session in Four Years

As I might say if I still lived in Yorkshire;

un t’ things ‘a’ worried uz on uz journey back ta physical ‘n mental ‘ealth wor if uz body chuffin’ ‘ood be capable o’ doin wha’ it used ta be able ta doa int’ gym.

Or, to put it another way…

One the things that worried me on my journey back to physical and mental health was if my body really would be capable of doing what it used to be able to do in the gym. So last night got chance to see how if it would.

I spent a lot of time with my trainer explaining Avascular Necrosis, and going through the surgeries I’ve had in the last four years.

So, when I arrived at the gym for my session I was worried but comforted that he should have put together a program that would not cause me any lasting damage, but at the same time, challenge me.

I didn’t need to be worried about it at all. I managed far more than I could ever have anticipated. I had resigned myself that I would never be able to do Deadlift or Squats again, and… I BLUMMING CAN! I managed both with a 20kg bar. Honestly, that such an achievement for me.

The trainer is under strict instructions to take it slow, help me recover my strength, core stability and confidence. All of this will add up to more weight loss and increased support for my joints, which hopefully will slow down any further encroachment of the AVN.

Ah’m bloody chuffed o’ uz body reet naw. despi’ ‘a fa’ & wobbly ah’m

So onwards and upwards, let’s see how I feel tomorrow when the real impact of the session will be felt.

Wish me luck!


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