2019 The Season of Change

This, for me, is a season of change. I’ve been wanting to start changing for so long now, but haven’t. I think about change a lot, often how I’m going to change, and how I’ll fuck it up and how its just easier not to bother.

I’ve had a couple of days stuck at home. These haven’t been too bad, it’s better to be at home for a real reason, rather than stuck because you’re depressed. But they have given me time to think.

I will change!

This time, I’m going to start with the smaller stuff. The significant changes will begin when I’m ready. I know I won’t be able to get back entirely to normal. I have to find my new normal.

2019 Wishlist

  • Lose Weight [IN PROGRESS]
  • Get a Promotion followed by a New Job
  • Tattoos [IN PROGRESS]
  • Start Dating Again
  • Have a Proper Holiday
  • Improve my Fitness level

So, there is so much I want to do, and a long journey but I think I can deal with the wishlist.

I think I’m writing this to convince myself, I’ve got to convince myself, I’m the only one that can. So tonight I’m going to bed and not watching tv until I fall asleep. One change, one small step. I’ll create a habit of it. Then another change, and another, until I reach my new normal.

So, don’t wish me luck, just wish me well.

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