Sunday Blues

Sundays are often an odd experience for me. I struggle with having to iron shirts and prep for the week ahead. Somehow it’s always felt like I’m starting work right then and there. I’ve got a challenging week ahead. I’m travelling to see a client on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Not normally an issue,…

[06/01] Weigh In – It Beings

Notes This is my first real weigh in. I was not expecting anything on this one as it’s been the holiday season and the diet hasn’t really kicked in yet. Weight 129kg

2019 The Season of Change

This, for me, is a season of change. I’ve been wanting to start changing for so long now, but haven’t. I think about change a lot, often how I’m going to change, and how I’ll fuck it up and how its just easier not to bother. I’ve had a couple of days stuck at home….

HAPPY 2019

Happy new year folks! Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. I will be trying (once again) to come to terms with being me, to improve my mental and physical health and I may even start to consider re-joining the…