I, I, I.


I can’t seem to change

I keep repeating my old mistakes

Life isn’t changing fast enough

Change is slow I’ll be 50 before I’ve got anywhere

I may only live to 80. I’m over half way there

I don’t have the confidence anymore

No one is going to find me attractive

I just want to sleep

I wish things would just end

I want things to be better

I want to be attractive, happy & confident

I want doesn’t get

I wish my intrusive internal monologue would stop telling me I was better dead

I don’t want to be depressed

I’m lonely but

I don’t want to be around people

I let everyone down

I don’t have any support

I’m not worth the effort

I don’t know how to deal with people on a personal level

I can’t stand the idea of feeling like this forever

I don’t want to let people down

I feel like I always disappoint people.

I feel stupid, worthless & tired

It’s all a bit too much effort.

It’s you that has to change. I know I do. This proves that there is something wrong with me

I don’t want to be sick anymore

People don’t understand depression

ơŋɛ ƈཞąʑყ ƈơơƙ

I am confused, I am not ‘me’, I am sad.

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