Almost a week post surgery

It’s almost a week since I had surgery to remove the granuloma, and to remove a tooth. It was brutal, and at one point I had to be held down for the surgeon to get enough leverage to do part of the operation. I’m doing everything I can to forget that experience.

The surgery went well, and I couldn’t speak properly for 24hrs, which some people would appreciate. The pains have been relatively easy to deal with.

I’m still noticing a change in my mood and behaviour. On Thursday my toxic colleague started to try and play games again. But I’ve not been in the mood to play, and when I’ve been going to bed, I’m not catastrophising.

Tomorrow there is a meeting where this work situation is going to come to a head. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not going to take any crap, and I know that I’ve done nothing but try to manage the situation, all while dealing with a possible cancer diagnosis. If my boss can’t accept that, then he’s got no clue about life.

I had my mate over on Thursday, he was up in town for a doctors appointment. He also brought his dog. It was good to see them both. He stayed over. I was worried I’d feel like my space had been invaded. I didn’t, this was the first time I had someone stay over.

Saturday saw me have my locals mates over to play Cards Against Humanity. I cooked, they ate, and we all laughed. It was a great evening.

It really does feel like things are starting to change. Not the outside world but in me. Feeling like my life is more under control is really helping me heal. It’s going to be a long road but one that’s worth travelling.

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