Q: Are you going to a Halloween Party?

Q: Are you going to a Halloween Party?

A: No, I’ve just had surgery

So today is the day I get the granuloma removed. I’m having a day patient 1-2hr op, which won’t be fun.

Living in a London Transport travel zone, I usually get a bus home. It’s effectively free because I have a travel card, and it drops me right off outside the building I live in. It can be horrible at the time of day I’m leaving the hospital, school kids are feral, loud and rude. As a result, I’ve decided that I am 100% getting a cab/uber home today.

When the hospital booked the appointment, it didn’t occur to me that what time of year it was.

So, After the surgery, I’ll be sat in the back of a cab, in pain, dribbling blood and I’ll be one of the more normal looking people. Yay for Halloween season.

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