‘D’ Day

D‘ is for diagnosis. Today I will finally have confirmation that either I do, or don’t have Cancer.

Up until 11:30 today I’ve been feeling OK. Now I’m starting to feel quite nervous. What makes today worse is that I have a 1hr bus journey to get to the Hospital, and another 1hr to get back.

I’m not as worried about the journey there, but if I do get a Cancer diagnosis, I don’t know how I’ll cope with the knowledge and with the frustration of the stupid journey through South London. London Transport and emotional situations don’t mix!

Right now I’ll be sat on the bus, No. 468 to Kings College Hospital, or I’ll hopefully be sat. Last time I travelled on that route no-one would offer me a seat. Despite wearing the blue badge and having to use my walking stick.


I didn’t know so many people in Croydon aren’t able to read! COME ON PEOPLE!

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