[Diet Update] Day 5 – Gnomic Nudity

Yesterday evening was the when I experienced “Gnomic Nudity“, otherwise known as my Gym Induction. Didn’t you do that a few days ago? Well, that was my PT’s gym, this is the gym in my building. I plan to see my PT at his gym and do my day-to-day exercise in my building’s gym. Hence my “Gnomic Nudity“, I just hope I don’t get carried away and really revel in some nudity.


Breakfast uneventful. I woke up feeling less hungry than I have been. So it was back to the apricot and pumpkin seed bar. I believe the Glucomannan has made a big difference to my hunger levels. Phew!


Crudite and Chana Dal, this makes a great dish on its own and would make a wonderful side dish for any Indian meal.


Chilli con Carne“, I’ve put it in quotes to avoid starting arguments over beans etc. I was a typical, but tasty, Chilli. If I were having this Off-diet it would work great with a bit more chilli heat and a good dollop of sour cream. Num!


That was the fasted gym induction I’ve ever been to. Less than 20 minutes. Fill in the form, blood pressure checked, change the form so I didn’t need a doctors letter, then a quick…

Instructor: Used a gym before mate?
Me: Well Yes
Instructor: OK, then I don’t need to tell you how to use the kit

And done…

I also popped into the Residents Lounge, a sort of comfy library space that I have access too. It’s really nice, a good space for ad-hoc meetings and for “working from home“.

In Conclusion

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  1. Amazing!!✨❤️😇


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