[Diet Update] Day 4 – A Glum Cannon

So, how as the first day using “Glucomannan”? I hear precisely no one screaming at me. Well, funny you should ask…

It was fine. Full Stop.😃 Which is a relief, you hear about all those horror stories of “anal leakage” and worry that it could happen with any new dieting supplement. So, phew, no runny bot bots.

Having to take a pill 30 minutes before eating is going to be a chore, but I’m kinda used to popping tablets these days. I don’t care if its the placebo effect, my body adjusting or the Glucomannan, but my hunger does appear to be reducing.


Breakfast was some kind of porridge bar, more akin to flapjack. In fact, they should call it strawberry flapjack. That sounds much better.


Crudite & Mushroom Soup with Porcini. It shouldn’t matter that this is diet food, it was a delicious Mushroom Soup, and I would recommend it to anyone (that likes mushroom soup).


Tonight was veg served with Jane Plan Port Meatballs. You know what? I didn’t need to add salt again. Really satisfying and full of good flavour. There are moments when I forget that this is food from a diet plan. Then I remember that I’ll feel hungry again in an hour or so. Even with that, the hunger is getting less bothersome with every meal.

In Conclusion

10 PRINT "Blort!"
20 GOTO 10

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