Another one in the mix

Well, I’ve had a bad few days. My anxiety has been playing up. After I moved into my new place I had lots of things to do, the last week or so things had settled down, I had started to feel normal. But that came crashing down when I realised I was returning to my old habits. When chatting to people online, I was making excuses not to go out and meet them face to face. That wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted to find a new me.

Anyway, I explained to my doctor today, how frustrated I was, and how things were starting to slip. We eventually agreed that I needed an extra something adding into my mix of antidepressants. An anti-anxiety medication, I am nervous about starting to take it, but I’m also excited. I can only imagine what kind of opportunities it might open up for me.

I’ll update you when they have started to work.

FIngers crossed.

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