The Mechanics Inside Me

I just decided to share the mechanics that are now happily living inside me. I recently went for my final post-op visit to see my surgeon. They were very pleased with my progress and that the condition of both ‘appliances‘ is almost pristine.  So here they are.


Bionic Bear!


So the outcome of the post-op visit was I was signed-off and now hope to have 15-20 years of good use out of these lovely titanium hips.

It may sound odd, but once I had my hands on the X-rays, I made the decision to get a copy of them framed so that I can have a copy on my living room wall.

I decided a long time ago that I’m proud that I’ve had the op, and not going to hide that I’ve had them done.

So this leads to the (re)start of another journey, the gym. I was given ‘heavy duty‘ hips, the sort of hips that body builders, rugby players and power lifters get, so I should be able to very slowly get back into lifting. Assuming my other joints don’t decide to fail me.

One day soon, I will be the muscle bear I’ve always wanted to be.


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