Fuzzy, Blurry, Calm

Its nearly been a week since I added an anti-anxiety medication into the mix. All seems to be going OK. I’m not a fan of the fuzzy, blurred feeling I get but I am enjoying how relaxed I actually feel.

I had forgotten what being really relaxed felt like. It’s nice.

I started off on a lower dose of the AA meds, and on Friday was told to increase from 2mg to 5mg. What a difference that made! So tomorrow is my first day in work on the 5mg. God knows whats going to happen.

Today I did two self-help things. Tasks designed to get me out of the house, but also help in my long-term recovery.

  1. I bought a self-help book. “Unf*ck yourself – Get out of your head and into your life”. I’m not a fan of self-help books, but I thought I would give this a go. Hopefully, Gary John Bishop has some decent insights and some actionable ideas to help.
  2. I also bought a new High Protein diet book. Its focused on High Protein, Low Carb, and most importantly getting the right Dopamine response. If you don’t know him, Tom Kerridge is a British chef that has lost 11 stone (which is 70kg/154lbs). So hopefully it will bring a bit more oomph in my direction to get cooking again.

Fingers crossed.

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