Taking Time Out


I suppose you could say that this weekend, I’m taking time out. I’m off to see the family for a couple of days. Oddly, at the moment, its the most socially active thing I do each month, but somehow it feels like timeout, no cooking, no shopping, just winding my niece up.

It will be interesting to see how being on the new medications affect how I experience the weekend. Typically I’m stressed out within hours of getting back, but with diazepam in my system, I can’t see that happening.

I come from a small UK market town about an hour from London, so there are no real wild nights out to had. All my old friends have left the town.

When I arrived home at my folks, I’m informed that their internet is down. Virgin Media installed a new broadband connection to their neighbours during the week, and since then they have not been able to connect. So, a weekend without internet access it is. Help Me!


Well after being persuaded to bake muffins at 9 pm on Friday night my niece has insisted we bake a cake today. It turned out it was a fantastic cake. Rather than just making a standard lemon drizzle cake I decided to upgrade the method and add some orange into the recipe. We also added some of diced lemon and orange to the mix to make it even better. So I guess we made a St. Clements Drizzle cake.

Thankfully all the baking and pottering around made having no internet less of an issue. But I will surely be happy to back in the land of the internet living when I get home. And, maybe the new pills are working.


Well, it has been an exciting weekend. My niece has been fun and annoying in equal measure. I will miss her, but I’m glad to have space from here. It’s her age I guess, things are starting to happen, and she’s not yet got to grips with them. (If you get my drift).

You may call me a grouch, but my return journey home has been marred due to the proliferation of children on the train. I don’t have issues with children. I have problems with people being loud in public transport, especially when you’ve paid extra to sit in first class. The kids on this train are not the well-behaved type; they are the loud, shrill shouty type. Argh. I hope these new pills don’t end up with me telling the parents to get a grip and teach their children how to behave like human beings.

But, despite all that, at least there is an internet connection. However poor it is.


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