One Week In & Alls Well

I’m one week into the diet and its started ok. There was only one slip-up. I was in a meeting in a coffee shop, and before I knew it, I had put sugar into my espresso. Not to worry though, I could have given in to the dreams I had during the week, I kept dreaming about cakes. Specifically, an eclair covered in white chocolate cream but filled with a sharp dark cherry jelly. I think these might be an be something to make on cheat days.

Last week in my Be Prepared! Be Lazy! blog I attempted four new recipes.

  • A breakfast frittata, a sausage and spinach affair.
  • Chicken with Pesto, green beans and heritage tomatoes.
  • Greek Inspired Chicken with a green bean and cucumber salad.
  • A low carb chilli served with cottage cheese & cheddar.

All were OK, but none of them deserves blogging. Not yet. I’m going to work on the chilli today. The recipe I used didn’t have enough of a kick and wasn’t rich enough. It resembled an attempt at making a pasta ragu without knowing what a good ragu should be. But I know a few tricks that I think will help it without resulting to adding carbs to it.

I’ve even managed to eat out two nights this week. Both with others eating carbs. Since my health wasn’t so good people stop inviting me out, which affected my mental health but now I’m on the mend things are looking up.

The first meal was from Feed Me Primal where I had a marvellous steak served in two freshly made paleo flatbreads and stuffed with cauliflower rice, griddled peppers and red onion, seasonal salad and topped with our homemade tomato sauce.

The next was at an old fashioned quirky place, who were happy to swap fries for a Greek salad with no olives in my main course. Eating out is so much easier than it was five years ago when I was low carbing.

Today is another day of meal prep, so I will work some magic on the chilli, and if all goes well, the recipe will go up tonight.

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