Be Prepared! Be Lazy!

So tomorrow the diet starts. The thought is a bit scary, but also positive. All I can ask of myself is that I do my best and avoid temptation. There are excellent reasons to shift the weight I have gained while being unable to exercise or even walk. I will be reminded every morning by the mirror that I have weight to loose.

So, even though the diet starts from midnight tonight, I am already preparing meals for next week. I remember a headache and carb carvings from my last diet and not having to cook food while feeling like I have a carb hangover will help keep me on the straight and narrow. Plus I’ve decided to take lunch to work; it’s all too easy to break the diet at lunchtime when all the shops around my office seem to serve everything in bread!

I’m trying four recipes this week.

  1. A breakfast frittata, a sausage and spinach affair.
  2. Chicken with Pesto, green beans and heritage tomatoes.
  3. Greek Inspired Chicken with a green bean and cucumber salad.
  4. A low carb chilli served with cottage cheese & cheddar.

I will report on each of these during the next few weeks as I perfect them. I already suspect the frittata will be ‘interesting’.

I have to say; I’m feeling all domesticated today! I am starting to feel that having a more structured day is good for my mental health.



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