Kitchen Essentials – A Mandoline

Food bloggers and writers often discuss ‘kitchen essentials’, Most, if not all, start with ‘a good knife‘. I can’t disagree, but when it comes to making life easy for yourself, I put a mandoline right up with a good, sharp, knife.

Being able to slice veg quickly is a godsend. When your cooking something quick for yourself you can slice an onion in seconds. When you have friends over you can make great looking meals, you won’t need to worry about how good it looks, or comparing your meal to the picture in the book. Just remember to hide the mandoline, so they don’t know you’ve ‘cheated‘.

I love my mandoline, I’ve used it to ‘cheat‘ many times. It makes my time spent cooking so much easier. Spending 30mins chopping onions can be so tedious, whereas five mins is a doddle.

So I would recommend that as well as getting a good knife, get a mandoline and when you do, watch your fingers!

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