Approaching the “No-Carb Zone”

Another three-day trip down to London. Last week was good mental health wise, and I felt secure. Today, however, I feel terrible, I just want to go back to bed. All the stress of last week is hitting me. I was starting to think my plans to get a new place and move forward were not going to happen, but on Monday I checked my sums, and it’s looking like things are on-track.

For me working for three days in London has been hard, my diet has been ahem not good. I’m also still recovering from my hip replacement. The inevitability of moving into my new home moves closer, and the temptation to eat poorly fades.

When I have decided to designate my new flat as a “No-Carb Zone”. If so-called bad carbs are not available in the house, then I won’t eat them. One thing I’ve learnt over the last few years is that if I don’t keep junk food at home, I don’t eat it. So the simplest, and laziest, option is not to allow me to bring carbs into the house.

During the evenings in my hotel room, I have been scanning the web for interesting things to cook, and I admit that since I last started a high-protein/low-carb diet, there are many tasty looking meals to cook. I’ve even found recipes that allow you to make great dipping sauces using decent looking substitutions to sugar syrups. I plan on working on these quite quickly once I’m moved and will let you know once I’ve perfected a recipe. If it’s a disaster, you’ll get to know about it quickly.

On Tuesday night I went for a walk. A WALK! It sounds daft, but it has been a while since I have physically been able/willing to go on a walk for pleasure. It was wonderful, despite the sights, sounds and smells of East London. For a time I found peace in being able to wander.

What’s interesting to learn while writing this entry, after a hard few days, is that by finding time to write about my experiences this week and sitting down to do it has made me feel far more ‘human’.

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