Hospital Waiting Rooms

Sitting in the waiting room at King’s College Hospital in London, and observing my surroundings, I am amused, but not surprisingly reassured that all hospital waiting rooms are basically the same.

Whenever you spend time in a waiting room you will find

  1. Rows of uncomfortable chairs bolted to the floor.
  2. A badly behaved child, accompanied by a disinterested parent.
  3. A random trolly with medical equipment.
  4. Posters reminding you not to abuse staff.
  5. Faded art prints.
  6. Fellow patient’s looking concerned.
  7. An incomplete childrens game that someone has taken one or more pieces.

And it appears I should add the unexpected to the list. I should have listened to Dr Tiger Ninestien from Terrahawks when he said…

“Expect the unexpected!”

The Unexpected hits me in the face!

The consultant has reffered me for urgent surgery to remove a large part of the granuloma. I’m scheduled for surgery today. I just have to wait for a slot to become available.

I’ve been warned that I will very sore after, I’m not looking forward to this. A hip replacement is much easier than dental surgery. You have wonderful pain relief with a hip replacement.

Flaming thunderbolts! Here goes….

Dr Tiger Ninestein

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