Cancer or Not Cancer, another twist in the tale of OneCrazyCook

A week ago I noticed something unusual that caused me concern. So, I decided to get it checked out.

So, on Thursday of last week, I attended an appointment with an appropriate medical professional. The appointment actually went OK, and, at the same time, they began to prepare me for ‘bad’ news.

“Its probably not, but it could be”

Basically, because of my other health conditions AVN etc. They want to entirely sure that it’s not Cancer.

“Given your medical history.”

I’m not sure his use of the “Given your medical history” was needed, if there is any chance of Cancer surely it needs the experts to confirm?


So, potentially I have another condition that will need treating.

Oddly I’m not worried about getting the diagnosis. I suspect the dream from the other night is related. At the moment, I’m treating it as just another investigation.

“I’d rather not have to deal with another life-limiting condition.”

I was starting to feel like I was making some progress with my mental health, I was feeling comfortable in my new little life, and was looking forward to beginning to widen my horizons again. This, I hope you can understand, is a setback. Let’s hope that it is is just a minor setback.

Whatever happens, It will mean a minor op, not something that bothers me anymore. Though I suspect I may be awake during it, which is something I’d preferably not experience.

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