Suffering from FailPlan2020

During the last week, I’ve been dealing with prep for a major demonstration/meeting at work as well as the changes to my commute inflicted by RailPlan2020. I would hesitate to call it a plan, very little seemed to have been communicated to station staff, train drivers and commuters alike.

Since the start of the new timetable, I don’t think I’ve been on a single train that kept to the timetable. Were all sick of hearing automated apologies. Honestly, why do Southern think a computerised apology is any kind of apology, it is just another insult to their customers.

So while tweeting this morning, I did a search, and #FailPlan2020 has plenty of similar depressing stories. I’ve included one my favourite tweets so far.


In other news…

My Facebook detox has been going well, I’ve only once or twice had the urge to log-on. I’m hoping its one of the reasons I’m starting to feel a bit more normal.

I also had a chat with my GP, and we’ve agreed that I’ve stabilised and that its worth trying a higher dose of Sertraline (a.k.a lustral) to see if having a little more in my system helps kick-start the healing process. I’m ready and willing to try, I just want things to get better for me, and this is a start.

Oh, and the demonstration went really well. Fingers crossed.

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