[Diet Update] Day 2

Day 2, and all is well, apart from feeling hungry that is. I honestly had forgotten what hungry felt like. I’m not sure I like it. But as Kate Moss once said, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels“. It better fell bloody amazing Kate!


Once again the food itself was lovely. No complaints, apart from the Salt & Pepper issues.


I stuck with soup again at lunch, this time it was Broccoli and Cheese. It was really lovely, tasted really creamy and like it had plenty of cheese in it.


After having a bath to take my mind off the hunger pangs, I decided on a beef lasagna for dinner. I was quite filling, but as most cooking methods on this plan involve the microwave, I decided to finish the lasagna off in the oven. I’m glad I did when the lasagna came out of the microwave it didn’t look right. Once it has been under the grill for 3-4 minutes, it looked terrific.

In Conclusion

I need to keep trusting my inner cook and prepare these meals my way. Oh and I need to know these hunger pangs on the head, so off to the internet to do some research.

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