[Diet Update] Day 1

Well, day one was OK. I stuck to the plan and didn’t have any ‘blips‘. I had told myself that it was OK to struggle on the first day and that I should just stick as close to the diet plan as I could. But, I didn’t go off track.

The food itself was lovely.


Lunch was a Tuscan Bean soup, which other than needing some salt (and cracked black pepper) was filling, I could have eaten another bowl full.


By 6 pm I was feeling hungry, so I opted for the Medeterainian Pasta option, hoping that this would fill me up. I added the recommended veggies. Again, it had good flavour, but it lacked enough seasoning. I already realise that seasoning is something this plan struggles to get right.

In Conclusion

I had felt slightly hungry all day, but I can deal with that. In the past, on high-protein diets, that’s not been a problem, but I can see that one of my issues isn’t what I’ve been eating, its amount that I’ve been eating. It’s probably good to learn what ‘hungry‘ actually feels like again.

Anyway, I won’t post every day, but I will post on days that are interesting, so good days, wobbly days and well seriously odd days.

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