A journey of a thousand steps…

…starts with finding an apartment.

9 am Thursday

Well, mine does anyway, today I’m looking for my ‘low-carb.’ pad. I’ve got a few bookings today with estate agents, I’m not as nervous as I expected but my mental health has taken a battering over the previous few days. I’m drawn back to the year or so leading up to my last operation, which ended with my being evicted three weeks before the op. (My landlord wanted to re-fit the flat and move into it). Now I’m panicking that I’m not going to be able to find anywhere and that my experience will stop me. Here goes…

9am Friday

Yesterday was a whirlwind. After viewing eight flats, I found one that a liked and met my needs. I considered the lovely two bedroom apartment with fantastic views, but on thinking about the one bed which would give me more cash to play with each month was the sensible option. Its the first time I’ll live in a high-rise, it’s on the 20th floor and great views. The most important thing about this flat is that it’s got a decent size kitchen, that will be ideal for playing around with low-carb recipes.

Now all I have to do is deal with the referencing process, which will give me sleepless nights until its done.


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