[27/10] Weigh In – The Slow Down

Notes Not much change this week. Diets often stall. I’m not too worried. Weight 123kg Having used this diet before I have known that around this time my progress my stall. BUT, I’m not worried about it. Stalling is par for the course. Plus, it’s not totally stalling, I’ve lost a little bit, and I’m…

[20/10] Weigh In – 5Kg down

Notes 5kg down Weight 123.3kg So I’m down 5kg, which is encouraging. I haven’t as yet given in to any cravings. One thing that I’ve noticed is I’ve not had many cravings this time around. After the progress meter, I’ve included a couple of stats. Lbs Stones Kg Total Loss 12 0.83 5 Avg. Weekly…

[13/01] Weigh In – Doing Well

Notes This is my first proper weigh in. I was so pleased that the diet is working. Weight 124.9kg The first week’s weight loss is often one often one of the largest. It’s not indicative of the overall weight loss trend. My aim is to lose around 1kg (2lbs) a week, but it will vary….

[06/01] Weigh In – It Beings

Notes This is my first real weigh in. I was not expecting anything on this one as it’s been the holiday season and the diet hasn’t really kicked in yet. Weight 129kg