GoVia ThamesStink

For the last few weeks, commuters across the UK have been suffering from #RailFail2020 in London. There is no guarantee when trains will arrive/depart or even turn up.

Once again I had a crappy journey to work, despite being at the station at the normal time I was late for work. Thankfully I didn’t have to go through what this lady has.


This is horrible. Thameslink you have a lot to answer for. My experiences pale in comparison but are no less annoying. To that end, this is my frustrated tweet from this morning.

Like so many I am looking forward to you loosing the franchise. 30mins to get on a train this morning. Then couldn’t get on the first train as the abled bodied passengers pushed past me. Absolutely disgraceful! #failplan #railplan2020 #disability

So, GoVia, put your hands up, apologise properly, and…

get your act together, or give the franchise up!

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